Church Communities That Give Back

Looking for a congregation to join in Portsmouth?

These churches in Portsmouth are doing their bit for the community.

St. Luke and St. Peter, Southsea

The Church of St. Luke and St. Peter is a vibrant one offering a safe, welcoming space to those with or without faith. Since early 2018 the building has been going through a series of redevelopments in order to bring the structure up to date for a new age of worshippers. The congregation is currently focused on raising money that should transform the shape of the building and how it’s used by the community. A bright entrance is being planned to welcome newcomers in addition to a new cafe and co-working space that should serve to make the church a more popular venue for local people in the neighbourhood.

St. John’s Cathedral

Built in 1882, St. John’s has been the home for an ever growing number of Catholics in and around Portsmouth ever since, although at one point it seemed like there would’t even be a chapel! Before 1791 English Catholics had not been allowed to have chapels within towns or cities, but that soon changed with the Second Catholic Relief Act of 1791. Reverend John Cahill was the first appointed Catholic priest in Porstmouth who opened a chapel in a private home. It wasn’t until 1882 that the Cathedral as we know it today was dedicated, since then the building has been adapted and renovated several times.

St. Jude, Southsea

Around 300 people of different ages and races congregate at St. Jude’s to celebrate and praise God. Made up of a dedicated team of individuals, St. Jude has a strong interpersonal structure that has made it an integral part of the community. A number of informal groups meet here each week spanning a wide range of ages. Young families can bring the kids along to children’s groups suitable from the youngest of toddlers to teenagers, there are also meetings for students, men women and older people. Check out their website for more details on these groups.

St. Simon, Southsea

Located just a few minutes from the seafront, St. Simon’s is an Anglican church that prides itself on its thrilling services and engaging talks. Bob Mason is the man in charge here and he’s supported by a team of passionate Anglicans who come from all over England. St. Simon is notable for taking part in a number of forward thinking schemes such as the Open Church project which aimed to give those affected by homelessness a place to stay over night, as well as a hot meal throughout February. After the success of this project they will be repeating and extending Open Church in early 2019.