Taking Time Out

When you run your own business it can be difficult to take time out.

There was a time in my life when I was glued to my desk.

Stuck in a cubicle for years, I’d grown accustomed to the life of a 9-6 desk jockey; yet to discover my true purpose in life. From the moment I sat down at my desk until I was free to leave, I’d find myself constantly day dreaming about what else I could do with my life and what I could change so that I could lift myself out of the mire of mediocrity that I’d found myself in.

Thankfully the answer came to me sooner than I expected. After lugging my lazy self to work and back with the weight of the world on my showers, I (quite literally) bumped into a man on the street who would change my life forever. Half in a daze whilst walking down the street one day on the way back home, I collided with a man wearing a bright green polo shirt. I apologised immediately and thought the matter done with until I realised that the man had begun following me into my block of flats.

“Do you know Ethel? I’m here to clean her oven.”

I looked at him blankly, attempting to guess whether this balding man in his 40s with a middling paunch posed a threat to the octogenarian who lived next door to me. His happy smile and seeming eagerness at 6pm to clean some one else’s oven had put me on guard. Who on Earth is ever this eager to work so late in the day?!

As we both began the long slog up the stairs (the elevator had broken down years ago and never been fixed) I asked him about his oven cleaning business. By the time we reached Ethel’s door I was curious about how the process worked, so I had a snoop whilst Greg (against all odds, this man’s name was Greg) went about cleaning Ethel’s oven.

I watched in wonder as Greg went about dismantling Ethel’s oven, amiably chatting the whole time. Here was a man who had his hands caked in the grime and filth of what looked like a thousand fry-ups and he was smiling. That night I furiously Googled the company he’d received his training from and started my own journey to become a self-employed oven cleaner.

Flash forward two years and I find myself travelling all across the county cleaning ovens.

As much as I’m happier taking charge of my day-to-day activities, I’ve found that my schedule is getting increasingly packed. It wasn’t until I visited The Society of the Sisters of Bethany that I was able to understand the extent to which I’d forgotten the wonders of simple quiet worship. Just like any other people these Sisters needed their oven cleaned, which I was all too glad to do.

Entering their home I was instantly aware of the peace that reigned there. Seven women lived together but there was no trace of any of them. As I finished my work, a sister came out and touched me lightly on the hand, she asked me if I’d enjoyed the peace to which I answered that I had – she invited me to stay longer and I couldn’t say no! I booked a week out of my calendar and spent the next 7 days in quiet contemplation.

I returned to work rejuvenated once more and a million miles away from my office cubicle.